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Built on cutting edge Natural Language Processing, Serena is a virtual mental health companion trained on real therapy sessions.

We've developed an AI dialogue model trained on thousands of person-centered counseling sessions from licensed psychologists. This gives our chatbot an open-ended, empathetic, and evidence-based conversation style.

  • Whether it’s limited time, lack of money, or fear of stigma, many people don’t ever get the counseling they need. Serena solves this problem by bringing you many of the benefits of mental health counseling with virtually none of the drawbacks.

  • Your problems don’t wait until you find someone to talk to -- let alone schedule a call with your therapist. Get the friendly and active listener you need, when you need it. Vent your problems as they arise and avoid the emotional bottlenecks that can take a toll on your personal and professional life.

  • We will never sell your data, and we will only use your chat logs internally for the purposes of improving our AI model. Plus, your data is stored in an encrypted format on our secure network. This gives you the freedom to talk openly and honestly -- which will bring you the greatest benefits. Serena does not judge and will not remember what you tell her unless you ask her to. She’s your ideal confidante.


API Service

Are you building an app that requires a virtual conversation interface? Do you need a customized, pre-trained AI model for mental health counseling or other purposes? We provide an application programming interface (API) so that you can embed Serena into your product, service, or platform. Our engineering team will help you every step of the way. The only limit is your imagination.

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Our AI model uses a self-attention mechanism to boost relevance, all while avoiding repetition and the need to hard-code replies. It balances life-like response with the capacity for control. It’s an elegant, flexible, and innovative solution that you can easily access through our RESTful API.


Depending on your needs, you can access either a shared or dedicated GPU server through our secure network. We ensure speed and robustness while keeping costs and hassel to a minimum.


You can rely on us to be your long term partner as you grow. We configured our service to be reliable no matter how many adopters flock to your platform -- all while maintaining an attractive pricing structure.

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Whether you want a plug and play solution, or a complex custom AI model, we are prepared to work with you!

Serena is currently in the beta version. We are excited to hear your feedback and suggestions.

About Us

We conceived Serena because we believe that everyone should get the help they need, when they need it. Whether you need routine counseling or someone to listen to you in a time of need, our AI therapy model fills the gap left by the lack of available mental health resources. From developing AI therapy chatbots to making them available on multiple platforms, our company focuses on making efficient AI-driven mental health aids accessible and affordable.

Our service should not be relied upon during medical emergencies. We recommend that anyone experiencing hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, or violent urges to contact a medical professional immediately:


Lennart Brocki

Lennart Brocki

Co-founder and lead developer

Machine learning researcher and theoretical physicist Lennart Brocki now adds Serena to his portfolio of successful startup endeavors. He’s determined to use his technical skills, longtime interest in psychology, and entrepreneurial drive to address the lack of mental health resources available to the average person.

Neo Christopher Chung

Neo Christopher Chung

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Computational biologist and computer scientist Neo Chung has several years’ experience working at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, in projects ranging from the early identification of tumors to the prediction of biomarkers using genomic data. He is committed to maintaining Serena’s position as the best virtual counselor on the market through a rigorous research and development program.

George C. Dyer

George C. Dyer

Vice President of Marketing

Creativity, Empathy, Quality: these three principles are at the core of George Dyer’s approach to building the Serena brand. He draws upon his wide-ranging experiences as a humanitarian, financier, and legal practitioner to bring the products to life.

Anna Gładka

Anna Gładka

Clinical Advisor

Licensed psychiatrist and researcher Ania Gładka provides crucial expertise to the Serena model and helps to steer the product towards its most effective, relevant, and ethical form. Her daily work in mental health treatment has convinced her of the opportunities that lie in augmenting traditional therapy with virtual sessions through AI technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until recently, an artificially intelligent conversation and therapy application was purely in the realm of science fiction. But recent advances in machine learning have allowed for quantum leaps in the replication of human speaking patterns and the ability for software to synthesize and re-interpret information in a meaningful way. While our work is far from done, we are already seeing the benefits of using Serena, and are eager to share her with the world!

Please see below for some of the most interesting and frequently asked questions about our service.

  • Probably not, but she’s glad you asked!

  • While there is a significant body of research that substantiates the benefits of remote and artificial mental health counseling, there is no scientific study that shows the effectiveness of the Serena app -- yet. Our Clinical Advisor Anna Gładka is currently conducting a study of the benefits of using our service. That being said, Serena’s purpose is not and will never be to address acute or emergent mental health issues. Please see a licensed professional for that.

  • By default, Serena retains the logs associated with your account in order to offer you more personalized counseling. You may also choose to have your chat logs stored anonymously, or to have none of them stored. In any event, none of your data will ever be shared outside of our company, or used for any purpose other than improving the counseling service.

  • It depends on your privacy choice. You may choose to have your chat history deleted after each session. You may also allow us to store your chat logs indefinitely for the sole purpose of improving Serena.

  • We offer a free tier service, so that you can decide if Serena is a good fit for you. Once you decide on the paid tier, each monthly payment is non refundable. You may of course cancel your subscription at any time before the monthly payment is due and we will permanently delete all information related to your account.

  • Absolutely! If you are interested in training Serena on your datasets, or incorporating our virtual conversation interface into your own app, please contact us.

  • Serena is based on a deep learning architecture called Transformers and as such is completely data-driven and generative. Unlike other mental health chatbots which use pre-written scripts, Serena is trained on a large collection of real-world psychotherapy and counseling transcripts. This allows Serena to dynamically and realistically react to your messages. Occasionally, it might lead to unexpected behaviors such as misalignment of facts. However, we consider true generative AI models to be more effective in person-centered counseling sessions.